Doctors We Train

Tragically, there are countries around the world that simply don’t have the resources or the doctors to save the lives of children. The ultimate goal of Save a Child’s Heart is to create centers of medical competence in developing countries so that children can be treated independently in their own communities.

At the Wolfson Medical Center in Israel, Save a Child’s Heart brings medical personnel from partner sites around the globe to take part in the Save a Child’s Heart outreach training program. Medical personnel receive in-depth post-graduate training in all facets of pediatric cardiac care, including cardiology, surgery, anesthesia, intensive care, perfusion, and nursing.

Training programs vary from three months to five years and are all held under the auspices of the Sackler School of Medicine of the Tel Aviv University and the Center for International Cooperation of the Foreign Ministry of Israel – MASHAV.

The annual cost to train one physician is $25,000. You can become a sponsor of a physician and receive real time updates and photographs as well as be in contact with the physician himself.
Please donate or send us an email indicating which physician you are interested in sponsoring.

Train a Doctor

Dr. Yayehyirad (Yayu) Mekonnen, Ethiopia

Dr. Yayu is training to become Ethiopia’s first pediatric heart surgeon. He grew up in a small village in Southern Ethiopia and always knew he wanted to help people. He studied medicine and surgery at University in Jimma and became fascinated with the mechanics of the heart. When he spent time in a pediatric ward where a young girl with congenital heart disease could not be helped, Dr. Yayu made the decision to travel overseas and study to become the country’s first children’s heart surgeon.

Dr. Ahmed Zarour, Palestinian Authority

Dr. Zarour is a graduate of Al Fateh University for Medical Sciences in Libya and has worked at Rafidia Hospital in Nablus. He has been training at the Wolfson Medical Center since June 2012.

Dr. Habtamu Sime, Ethiopia

Dr. Habtamu Sime trained in medicine, pediatrics, and child health at Jimma University.
Until coming to Israel for training, he has been working at Jimma University as a clinician and instructor.

Dr. Tolesa Waktola, Ethiopia

Dr. Tolesa Waktola Gemechu is an anesthesiologist.
He decided early on in his medical career that he wanted to treat children.
As he began his anesthesiology training, he realized that there were large management gaps in this field. Dr. Tolesa will have the distinction of becoming Ethiopia’s first pediatric cardiac anesthesiologist when he completes his training.

Dr Vivienne Aiyana Mlawi, Tanzania

Dr. Vivienne Alyana Miawi came to train with us at the Wolfson Medical Center from Tanzania. She studied for two years here and is now back in Tanzania working as Tanzania's first pediatric intensivist. She still works with Save a Childs Heart at the Jakaya Kikwete Cardiac Institute in Muhimbili.

David Peter Silveira, Tanzania

"To be part of a change means to be able not only to add a few more years to a child's life, but to give them their whole adulthood and the joy of normal life, free of any obstacle."
Dr David Silver, from Tanzania, is currently training in Israel with Save a Child's Heart to become a pediatric cardiac surgeon. Dr Silveira will return to Tanzania in four years and join Dr Godwin Godfrey, Tanzania's first pediatric cardiac surgeon who was also trained by SACH in Israel. Dr Godfrey and his team are already treating children independently in Tanzania.