SACH Young Leadership conference 2017

Representatives from all over the US, Canada, Australia and the Netherlands came together to share and bond over our passions and actions for SACH and to work together to grow Young Leadership in the coming year. It was an enlightening conference with lots of tangible outcomes and community building with 60 people joining us on Friday night and 40 with us on Saturday.

“I was blown away by SACH's pediatrics team -- they developed relationships with the kids to really create a bond between the doctors and patients and their families. I knew then I had to go into pediatrics. My goal is to be a pediatric cardiologist in Israel. Interning with SACH changed my life.”
-Medical Student participant

"I jumped on the opportunity to join the board the second I was asked. We are coming up with new and fresh ideas, we are expanding the reach, and we are spreading the passion for SACH at home".
- Young Leadership Board Participant

"This year we have 10-12 people who are passionate on campus and are getting 30-40 people at our meetings. Can't wait for our annual 5k for SACH"
- Campus Club Leadership participant

During the two days conference 60 participants learned about SACH children from the past year and shared stories of their own experiences, with young leader speakers:

Stephanie Raphael: Talked about her time volunteering at the Children’s Home this past year and how it changed her life. She brought back art and hosted an art auction in her community upon returning.

Spencer Buchness: Spoke about how a Birthright visit to the Children’s Home inspired him to fulfill his dream of biking across the United States. He did so and fundraised to save a life! Check out more of his stories here.

Estee Steinberg: Described seeing her first open heart surgery during her time as an intern, which inspired her studies as a pre-med student and passion for the Young Leadership initiatives on her campus. Shared how observing the House and hospital deepened her understanding and love for SACH.

Itai Malkin: Discussed his passion to share with the medical community and his peers the wonderful work of Save a Child's Heart and our holistic method of addressing global health. Will be presenting at the Ottowa Global Health Conference in a few weeks his experiences and what he witnessed during his time at SACH as a medical intern.

Brianna Fowler: Shared stories from the Children's Home from this past year and how important it is for us to share our experiences with our communities at large. Introduced Meal that Heals fundraising infinitive and, as International Young Leadership Director, to utilize her tools and references.

Powerful Guest Speakers included:

Rachel Werner MS, CCLS shared stories of Child Life at SACH and the importance of story telling, listening and being a support to the mothers and children.

Claudia Oshry - brainchild, founder, and influencer behind @GirlWithNoJob, amassed over 2.3M followers on Instagram and 4M across all of her social media platforms - discussed social media impact and branding.

Carmi Kobren, sister of the late Dr. Ami Cohen, founder of Save a Child’s Heart. She spoke of Ami's life and legacy and the importance of keeping his dream alive. “The organization breathes life and goodness to people everywhere”- Carmi Kobren