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A saved heart makes dreams come true


Today we travel back in time to the year 2008 when Debra Silver, board member of Save a Child's Heart (SACH) met Mwinyi Omar, back then a teenager needing a life-saving heart surgery at Mnazi Moja Hospital, in Zanzibar.
Mwinyi was 16 years old when he was diagnosed with rheumatic heart disease, caused by an untreated strep throat infection. He never gave up though. When he arrived at SACH House, two years later, he took over the big brother role, always there for the children in need. As he loves nature, he also became the unofficial resident gardener.

Thanks to his smile, together with his kindness and generosity, he almost became one of the SACH team members.

Mwinyi underwent his much-needed open heart surgery in June 2008 at Wolfson Medical Center and after a month he returned to his village and was able to restart his life without any risks, finish his studies and dream.

Mwinyi's dreams became reality.

In 2011, Debra Silver, who became a sponsor and a friend to Mwinyi and his family, visited them and saw the house he started to build from scratch. He was also planning his wedding and his mother was thrilled.

This September, Mwinyi got married. Debra Silver and her family were invited to the wedding and traveled from Israel to the little Zanzibar village of Bwejuu to witness this new chapter in Mwinyi’s life, which was only possible thanks to the fact that his life was saved nine years ago.

Stories of life like Mwinyi’s are examples of how SACH activities go beyond the hospital facilities: they build bridges between people and communities.

You can also take action and help SACH to save more children’s lives.