Hollywood Stars help raise $300,000 for Save a Child’s Heart

Hollywood’s stars turned out to support Save a Child’s Heart at its first annual West Coast ceremony and helped raise $300,000 at this glittering, red carpet event which took place at the Sony Picture Studios. Thank you to  Judy Shore and the SACH LA branch for organizing this fantastic event.

Guests included actors Josh Duhamel, Lisa Edelstein and Amber Tamblyn. Comedian Howie Mandel hosted the event and the Band from TV performed.

SACH president Professor Arie Schachner awarded the International Leadership award to David Shore, creator of the television series ‘House’ and his wife Judy Shore. Dr Peter Shulman was awarded the International Humanitarian award, Pastor Kim and Jane Clement were awarded the international founders award and the Lauren Winkler National Young Leadership award went to high school student Jake Kornfield. 

  Photos by David Michael Photography

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