We believe from the bottom of our heart that to save a child is to save the world.

However, since it is not possible for all of the children and doctors we want to help to come to our facility in Israel, we have a fully equipped Save a Child’s Heart medical team that travels to its partner sites around the world in order to teach and perform life-saving heart surgery. They are able to travel to countries whose medical infrastructure can support the necessary surgical conditions.


During the missions, the medical team will work alongside local personnel, whom in many cases have already been trained in Israel, operating on children and sharing knowledge in the various related fields, such as: cardiology, cardiac surgery, intensive care, anesthesia, perfusion, and nursing.


As part of the onsite training, Save a Child’s Heart teams provide lectures in all the related fields of pediatric cardiac care, as well as courses such as the Pediatric Advanced Life Support (PALS) course.


During these missions abroad, the Israeli teams are periodically joined by partner organizations, such as Children’s Heart Link and the Gift of Life from the U.S.A., and physicians from partner hospitals, such as Dr. Giancarlo Crupi and his team from the Riuniti Hospital di Bergamo in Italy, Dr. Livia Kapusta from UMC St. Radboud, in Nijmegen, Holland, and Dr. Tom Pezzela of the World Heart Foundation.


To date, 15 teaching missions have taken place in Ethiopia, China, Mauritania, Moldova, Tanzania, and Ukraine, and have resulted in the treatment of more than 180 children and the onsite training of hundreds of medical personnel worldwide.


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