Get to know some of the children we’ve treated and read about their experiences at Save a Child’s Heart.

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Agustina, the mother of Lyka from the Philippines

Hello everyone&blessed day,

Every parent dreams of bequeathing the better life to its children.It was upon this realization that our dream for our daughter Lyka Masgay was born;a dream of this scale necessarily entails huge sacrifices&families support&with so many obstacles there are those times that we thought that we couldn’t make it due to financial problems,but we never give up.

Knowing the fact that time is running out&we were financially drained,we banked one of our principles”not to give up for the sake of saving a life as our driving force for our search for any humanitarian organization&individual for help.

From office to office,individual to individual we plead for help&these process was physically,emotionally exhausting but we never give up,we drew strength from the fighting spirit of our beloved daughter Lyka Edna Masgay that could not be doused by even the coldest water,till you;SACH came to our rescue.You accepted our daughter Lyka Masgay w/out asking whats in our wallet but you accepted her with the big size of your heart..

Today is Lyka Edna Masgays second year birthday&we want to take this opportunity to deeply thank you once again for whole hearted support that you’ve extended before and after the successful surgery.In addition of our thanks please take a look at our precious Lyka w/her sweetest smile showing to the whole world that she support SACH.Her daddy is always wearing this t shirt in support for SACH..We all have be blessed!!

Happy healthy birthday to our beloved Lyka!!

With our best regards,

Lyka Edna Masgay&family

September 2009
Shalom every one,

Before I & my precious daughter Lyka will return home to our beloved country the Phils, I would like to express my overwhelming & sincere thanks to Save A Childs Heart & all the staffs for hearing our pleas, for coming to our rescue when we were in desperate need of help.

Surgeons, doctors, nurses & all the staffs at Wolfson Medical Center for your amazing & unbelievable patience & work well done, not only for giving our precious Lyka her new & healthy life but also for your none stop encouraging words w/c always helped us alleviate the anxiety that was building in us. We’re truly blessed by your kindness & will always be treasured by us.

Thank you is not enough to repay you all for your generous help, but you’ll always be in our prayers that we’ll all be blessed w/Healthy life, Peace, Love & Enough Understanding so we’ll continue to spread the good deeds & continued support to Save A Childs Heart.

Its really a great relief going home with my healthy & smiling daughter Lyka in my arms w/out any medical instruments connected to her. Its like a warrior who just felled his opponents. MABUHAY TAYONG LAHAT!! In english it means LONG LIVE EVERYONE!!

Shalom & Todaraba,
Agustina & Lyka Edna Masgay

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Aminatu, Ethiopia

My name is Aminatu and I am 10 years old. I live with my family in Accra, Ghana. I have a younger brother called Samed, who I missed very much during my time in Israel. I came to Israel with my aunt because my mother is pregnant and I can’t wait to see her with her pregnant belly. I am also very excited for when the baby will come. The first thing that I will do when I’m home is hug my parents and little brother tightly and tell them all about the trip to Israel.

When my parents told me I could come to Israel for surgery, I was very excited. Not only because they were going to help me with my heart and the pain in my chest, but also because to me it sounded like an adventure. I had never been outside of Ghana. The first time a saw the plane, I was really scared, I cried and didn’t want to go in, but my aunt helped me and now I think it is so much fun. I am excited to go again on the plane when I return home. The people were very nice and I got coke!

My time in Israel was so much fun; I got to know so many people and made a lot of friends. For me it was also special to share my room with Laud and his mother because they are also from Ghana. The house was very different than what I expected; it was very beautiful and nice to live together with all the other children. The only thing I didn’t like was the kulala (nap-time) because I wanted to play, especially after the surgery, I felt so much energy that I didn’t like to go to bed in the afternoon. I really liked to drive in the nice white car with Laura (housemother) to the hospital and back, it was always fun. Also playing with the volunteers was a lot of fun, I still remember playing games with Jessica and Daniela (two full time volunteers).

I have been in Israel for three months and that felt like a long time to me. After two months I became afraid that it might never be ”my turn” to get an operation. I waited and waited, and other children got back from the hospital and felt much better, so I also wanted to have the surgery. I understand now that some surgeries are difficult and some are easy. Mine wasn’t so easy so I waited a bit longer, but still the doctors were able to fix it and that makes me very happy. For me, it was extra special because it was on my birthday and I feel like the doctors gave me a new heart as a birthday present, and for that I am very grateful. In Ghana I was weak and tired and I felt chest pains. I went to school, but not every day and I was unable to do most things that my friends were able to do, that made me sad. Now that they fixed my heart I want to go back and see my family and friends. I am curious what kind of things have changed, because I feel like I have changed a lot. When I am back in school, I will try my best because I want to be a nurse when I grow up, so that I can take care of other people …

I will never forget that I was chosen to come to Israel so that the doctors could save my life. I want to give everybody who helped me a big hug and say thank you for saving my heart!!

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Aziz Mohammed, Ethiopia

Hello everybody,

I am Aziz Mohammed from Ethiopia. I think you did not forget me.

Before 3 years I was in Israel to take surgery. Now I am very fine and also now a college student because of Wolfson hospital and Laura and Simon.

Thank you for everything

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Claudia, Mother of Briana, Romania


Dear Sheila,

This is absolutely amazing news!! I`m so glad Tamaru is doing fine, I was thinking a lot of time about him. I read his story and I suddenly felt tears in my eyes, what tragedies happens every day and every second in this huge world.. His example is only one from millions, but lucky him, that was a succes story! And I really hope from all my heart that he`ll be smart enough to take advantage from this, for his own good.

Please tell him that Briana still calls his name from time to time, specially in the mornings when she goes to kindergarden, she says `Tadu`, that means she goes to kindergarden to meet Tamaru. And I feel amused and usualy confirm that `yes, you`ll see Tamaru in a few minutes` but I have the feeling that she transformed him in a imaginary friend because she also has sometimes conversations with herself where she includes his name too. On tv, all black people are immediately called Tamaru, by her. I have no idea what connection was between them , but for sure was a strong one.. Briana never kept in her memory so old events or names and soon we`ll have a year since we first met Tamaru!

I send you many pictures and you`ll choose the better ones -ok, I know that my photo camera cannot make `better ones` but still..

We`re both doing fine, we had some nice trips this summer, also a 3 weeks journey to Spain, we returned last week. We been there to visit my brother who lives there with his family. Now Briana started again kindergarden and she`s enjoying every minute spent there, she just love having children around and also this is bringing a lot of benefits to her improving language and social behaviour.

I`ll send you in another mail some pictures from SACH house, with us, Tamaru, Briana and me. Maybe you could resend some of them to Tamaru too.
I hope everyone is fine and Laura too and everything in the SACH house goes well.

Kisses and a huge hug from us,

Claudia and Briana.
Hi Laura,

we enjoyed this week with my family and friends, we been out for long walks to get used to the weather -because first days I took things too easy and soon I got a strong headache. So I started to wear hat and muffler and everything went well after. We have a word here, if you don’t respect winter, she doesn’t respect you! Lucky me I was a lot more careful with Briana when going out and she’s only having running nose -this is normal because I take her out every day (progressively more time) and plus she’s back on kindergarten so again connecting with a lot of children. But all in all, we’re both fine. And guess what, my managers allowed me to come only from tomorrow at work, I went on Friday to take over from the person who replaced me, so I feel like I had one more week vacation! But what’s much it’s too much, it’s time to finish this continue holiday and actually I feel great, energetic and ready to start all over.

About Briana, let me tell you she surprised her kindergarten pedagogue and her speech therapist! I have no idea what happened but she’s a lot more active and trying to say more words than before. In first days in kindergarten, when I was going to pick her up at noon, her pedagogue was keep telling me almost daily: `Today a little girl came to me to tell me `Madam, Briana is speaking!` and that followed every day until they got used to it!

Not complicate words but it’s a great start, because before we were having to push hard to make her say words, when being in kindergarten.
She remembers perfectly Tamru, the pictures from Sheila are now part of her speech therapy, I wrote the names of the children from the pictures and the therapist repeats with her to make her pronounce correct. Useless to say that she makes it with such pleasure!

I showed a few videos from the house to Briana`s speech therapist and she said THAT is the best therapy a child can have! Playing all day with children helped her a lot to record all kind of new things, actions, games. She couldn’t express because the language was different but as soon as she got home, she just exploded!
We received these days the letter from Switzerland containing a few nice drawings. We’ll answer back soon. We already have her brand new drawings since she started her therapy on last Monday so I just have to write a few lines.

That’s all the news about us, tell me about you and the house. How’s everybody, dr. Alona, dr. Tamir, Dawn? What about the Angolans children and mothers? They adjusted to the house rules easy?

I hope Mara is ok. I heard Daria is back in hospital with sort of digestive infection, I wish she’ll get better soon.
Here it’s snowing continuously for more than three days, only today slowed down. Briana discovered the pleasure to roll over in the snow and all the time when we came back from the kindergarten, it takes twice than normal time because she just loves to spread the snow all around. And we can say the cold it’s not that cold anymore! Since we came I managed to let the car mostly in the courtyard and I feel great walking daily. Briana just been out for the third time today, my aunt bought three turkeys and she just loves them, she imitates and they answer, they’re so funny. Drop a few lines whenever you have time. Claudia and Briana.

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Emad, father of Banaz, Iraq

July 2005

To all who helped us,

I am Emad Hakeem Mawlood , I have a doughter called Banaz who had a congenital heart disease. We attended many hospitals in Baghdad , Ramadi, and Kirkuk for more than 3 years without any benefit as the disease needed operation which is difficult to be done in Iraq and we didn’t have money to do it outside Iraq.

We suffered a lot because of her condition, until we met some good peoples from Save the Child’s Heart who helped us do the operation outside Iraq. She now is very well and we feel that she is reborn and has a new life.

So me and my wife Nazdar Taufeeq Hasan are very grateful to all who helped us and made our daughter happy, to all who are working in the hospital where the operation was done.

Thanks to all of you and God bless you

Emad Hakeem Maulood, Banaz’s father
Nazdar Taufeeq Hasan, Banaz’s mother

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Esther Kwabena, the aunt of Christian, Ghana

July 2007


“When I was told that I will be going to Israel, I never believed it because I learnt Israelis are very bad but during our three months stayed, I realised the people are very very good.”

From Ghana everything went on successful and at BenGurion Airport in Israel we were met on arrival by Laura who welcomed us and took us through arrival formalities, from the airport we went straight to the Azur Borocher 1 (the SACH house); “a home away from home”.

In the house we met people from Ethiopia, Tanzania, Haiti, Senegal and Iraq and some volunteers from Canada and America. We want to show our appreciation to everyone who made it possible for Christian Nornormekuadzi our son to have a new Life. Laura, our house mother was so good to us all and the volunteers were also nice to us; those working in the offices and the Doctors and Nurses were also kind to us.

Esther and Christian want to express our greatest and lovely experience and to all the nice people we met at the SACH house, we would never forget your kindness for given our son a new life. We were deeply moved when SACH opened its arms widely to save our little son’s life, which also saved our family.

Our family and friends in Ghana would like to send their thanks to all members of SACH and to WOLFSON MEDICAL CENTRE especially Dr. Alona Rancher, Dr. Akiva Tamir , Dr U Katz, Dr Clara and all the nurses especially Nava, may the good Lord of Israel pour his blessings upon you all those who have contributed their resources to make it possible for our son to gain a new life.

Laura!!! Thank you so much for all the cloths, shoes, toys and everything that you gave to us during our stay there. We really appreciate them all and will never forget you.



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Father of Mohammed, Gaza

To the respected Save a Child’s Heart Staff,

We would like to thank and appreciate you so much for your great efforts to help Muhammad to undergo his successful heart surgery.

We also appreciate your help and support throughout the period of the operation whether inside or outside the hospital. We thank the medical team that works seriously and devotionally in order to achieve better results and we do not forget sister Fatima who always helped and followed up with us.

We hope that you keep your good work with our Palestinian people who love and respect you.

Again, thank you.
Muhammad’s Father.

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Father of Salam, Palestinian Authority

Thanking letter

Human being is an attitude
Humanitarian is very good sweet important and flashing word.

Save a Child’s Heart is a Humanitarian. Really is a Humanitarian association.
In these words and expressions I want to thank you as a team, as persons, and every one in his great and lovely Name in your association.

Pediactirc Cardiology Unit E. Wolfson Medical Center:
Special Thanks for Doctors, Nurses and every one In the Hospital and In The I C U.

Excuse me for me week English, But the strong point is that words are getting out of Our Hearts as a family of Salam Boziya.

With best regards from Shareef Boziya

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Gabriel, Angola

In September 2012, we received a letter from Adilson Gabriel, through a group of children and mothers who came from Angola. Gabriel was a 17 year old teenager who stayed at the SCAH house for 5 months in 2011.

Hello to all the nice people, Laura, Rosanna, Sara, Lauren, Baba Lemon, Mama Hadassa, Dr. Alona and everyone else that I didn’t mention.

I am writing this letter to tell you that I am very well, thanks to God and also thanks to you, because you were very good to me and to everyone who was with me.

I miss you so much, that I can’t even explain it. If it was possible, I would right now, love to be there with you personally, but I can’t. You will always be in my heart though.

With you, I learnt a lot of things.

– I learnt to study, so that later I can also help others and to make the whole world better.

I am studying the hardest possible so that one day I will become what I have always dreamed of and what I dream of now.

I wish that everyone who is in Israel right now, have a good recovery, because thanks to your beautiful hands I no longer am sick. Faith is the base for everything my brothers, sisters, mothers, you just have to believe.

A kiss to everyone and specially to whoever is reading this letter.

Always yours,
Gabriel, Gab, Gabi
With lots of love,
Adilson Gabriel Alberto.

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Girma Mekbib, Ethiopia

December, 2006


This is Girma Mekbib…from Ethiopia, Addis Ababa.

Thanks to God and thanks to you and your partners now I am alive. My life is saved, really, god is wonderful.

I didn’t expect that I will be alive long in this earth. I am back from Israel to my home and now I am healthy and go to my school. I can play with my friends with out being tiered. All my family and specially my mother are strongly giving their thanks to you and all your partners. Please pass my warmest greetings to all doctors and nurse.

Thank you very much and God bless you.

Girma Mekbib and Menbere Debebe, mother
Addis Ababa, Ethiopia

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Ion's mother, Nadia

August 2010

Hello dear Sheila.
How are you?

I’m very sorry that did not write you for a long time.

We were on the seaside in Ukraine. Spent very good time there! Ion is very good, getting grow, thin and very stretched! During a few months he is already coming to the kindergarten. Of course he is not very happy because of it, but he needs a time, I’m sure that everything will be good. He knows and telling a lot of kinder poems.

On the seaside he demands swimming all the time! He loves it.

He is growing very smart and sunny boy. Feels very good, thanks God!
How are you? Please write me. I’ll be very happy.

In attached file, I’m sending you the new photos from the sea.

Waiting for your reply.

Will keep in touch.

Sincerely yours,Nadia.

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Isake Tamiru, Ethiopia

May, 1997

I am now very well, doing my best in school. Thank you very, very much for saving me from death. I have no words to explain…

I am also sending you my teachers and classmates greetings. I wish you a happy Season.

Isake Tamiru
Addis Ababa

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Jesse, Ghana

My name is Jesse Louis Jackson Boamah and I am 15 years old from Greater Accra, Ghana. I have an older brother and an older sister. I live with my family in a house in Macarthur Hill (Top Base) which is in Greater Accra. I like to browse the internet, play video games, and read story books.

I was born with a heart condition that made my heart beat very quickly, so after I was born I was diagnosed with a heart condition at the hospital. The doctors put me on medication when I was very young. I was going to have heart surgery when I was a child, but because the best heart surgeon in Ghana, was moved to a private hospital, he was unable to operate on me, and it became unsafe to have heart surgery in Ghana. My family friend, who is associated with Save a Child’s Heart, recommended the program to me, so I waited to have heart surgery in Israel.

I was very tired and couldn’t play sports or walk a lot. I was excited to come to Israel to finally get heart surgery so I could have energy to play sports and run around like everyone else my age.

I arrived in Israel on April 9th, 2013, and the next day my heart was beating too quickly, so I had to go to the hospital and was given medication to slow it down. I slept at the hospital for 9 days and then I got a catheterization. I stayed there for another day after that, and then I came to the SACH house. I then waited for a month and 2 weeks until they called me for my operation. I finally had my operation on June 16th, 2013, and then stayed at the hospital for 9 days afterwards.

I have been living at the SACH house since the surgery, and I am excited to go back home! While I have been in Israel, I have been lucky enough to be able to tour around a bit. I have seen many places in Tel Aviv, including the American International School, Rotshilds Street, Neve Tsedek, the beach, the Carmel Market, and the Disengof Center Mall. I have also been to the Old Station in Zichron Yaakov, Petach Tikvah, and Jerusalem. I love travelling and it was nice being able to explore Israel while I was here.

I really miss my dad and my siblings a lot, even though I am able to talk to them on the phone while I am here. I can’t wait to go home and see them and to return to my normal lifestyle. I am excited to go back to school and to see my friends. Now that I have had my surgery, I am excited to be able to do the things that I was not able to do before. I still have to wait 2 more months to be fully active because I am still healing and I don’t want to cause any problems with my heart, so I have to wait to fully heal and finish taking my medicine, but then I can do whatever I want to do! I am excited to finally play sports and run around with my friends! I have never been able to do this because of my heart condition, but thanks to Save a Child’s Heart, I will now be able to live my life how I want to!

I want to thank everyone at Save a Child’s Heart. I also want give an extra thanks Laura the house mother as she has been very kind to me and my mom, and I appreciate her help and support.
Thank you!

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Julius's Father, Bernard

In October 2012, we received a letter from Bernard, the father of Julius, a six year old boy from Tanzania who was in Israel earlier this year. Bernard and Julius both spent more than 4 months in Israel and became very close to all the doctors, staff and volunteers. Here is Bernard’s letter:

‘Dear Tal, how are you, here we are fine as the rainy season is starting now.

Julius condition is very very wonderful, there is something miraculous that happened to him, he is very strong and in very sound condition. Very wonderfully he can do anything he likes to do, without being tired or sitting down to rest all the day!

Can you imagine, when he is playing with his brothers, he looks stronger than them. This started in the Morning of 28th /08/2012 when he woke up and after greeting me, he told me ” farther you know I am completely healed” then I asked him ” why are you telling me this, this morning” he answered me ” in the night God came and healed me completely”

From that day everything changed! Because I was very close to see if there is anything unusual. He is now going to school.

We thank GOD and you for what is going on now in Julius general condition, GOD bless you. Julius does not attend clinic every month now, but every 3 months as his condition is very stable.


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Justin, 'foster' parent of Brian, Uganda

May 2010

Hello Everyone,

Greetings from Brian and Justin in Uganda! I just wanted to let you all know that Brian is doing very well. He is laughing, playing, and enjoying life (and eating and gaining weight!). And he misses all of his friends from Israel.

Thank you for giving him a second chance at life!

He also sends greetings to Dr. Alona and Nurse Yuri and Doctor Godwin!

Love from Uganda,

Brian and Justin

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Leul Mekonnen, Ethiopia

To Save a child

Dear Sirs,

How are you with all your families I hope all of you are in peace and in good health. Dr Tamir has examined me and told me that the result is good.

I also feel well, I am not attending college and got my certificate in accounting I have also continues for my Diploma. Thanks God. I am in good health and my families are well.

May God help us to meet each other. I wish you and your families good health, peace and prosperity in future.
Thank you all save a child organization from Leul Mekonnen.. Now I am in a very good condition and I am working the children heart fund of Ethiopia in the position of accounting.

Far well

I well write you in future

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Louis Woodsheen, Haiti

My name is Louis Woodsheen. I am 11 years old. I was sick, now I am healed.

I thank you from the bottom of my heart:

Save the Child’s Heart, Laura, Marie Josée, Astrid, Dr. Emmeline Lerebours and all the friends from Haiti and Israel who helped me.

Thank you so much.

June 28, 2008

Wooedsheen’s father, Vayola, wrote:

Hello to all the staff at Save a Child’s Heart,

I would like to thank you for your cordial welcome and thank you for Woodsheen’s successful surgery, thanks to your help.

I was very satisfied with you and the hospital. I don’t know what would have become of Woodsheen, we did not have the money for the intervention.

I hope that you can continue with the good job you are doing.

Thank you, you have saved my child’s life.

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Lynsay, carer for Bao Xin, China

July 2nd, 2010

“Bao Xin is doing amazing! He has settled back in very well in his role of ruling the MS house! Though he didn’t show it much, he mourned losing Gretl as his only caregiver and punished her some when she returned to visit by ignoring her completely. Instead he has taken to our youngest staff member, who cared for him so well before he left, and only wants her!

Although not walking on his own completely, he is close and all he wants to do is walk everywhere! He grabs anyones hand and walks and walks as far as he can for as long as anyone will let him!

He has had no problems with his health and we continue to be in awe of God for the miracle of his little life!

His orphanage has promised to put his papers out for adoption the next cycle, I believe August or Sept. and there is a family in the States that has been in communication with an agency about him, though I don’t know what the final result will be! I do know that there are families all over the world hoping that he could be part of their family, including Israel!

I have attached a picture.

Thank you!”

(from Morning Star Orphanage)

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Marie, mother of Marithza Bastien from Haiti

June 29, 2008

Marie came with her husband, her son and her daughter to Dr. Lerebours’ house and gave the following testimony.

I am a Haitian woman who had a daughter born with a cardiac malfunction. She was often sick. She needed surgery but we did not have any money. We spent years to find help for her, unsuccessfully. I could finally go to Israel, thanks to the generosity of Save a Child’s Heart, Marie Josée, Astrid, Marithza’s doctor and friends in Haiti.

I was very much afraid of my first trip to a foreign country, so far away. I was also worried about my daughter’s life. But from the moment of my arrival, I was reassured. The welcome was fantastic. All our needs, mine and my daughters were met. We were both treated with love and respect. Living together with the others was easy thanks to Laura’s and her team’s organization and good work.

At the hospital, I never felt lonely and was reassured by doctors and nurses. The treatment was excellent.

The staff of the Home, the volunteers, the visitors and the doctors made sure that the atmosphere was always warm and friendly.

It was very difficult for me to leave and to separate from Laura and the children at the SACH Home and we both cried.

Keep the good work up!
Marie Mercie from Haiti.

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May, mother of Xiang Xiang, China

31 May, 2005

Dear Simon,

Today is the International Children Day, I choose the day to write to you to express my family’s gratitude and sincere thanks.

It is nearly 6 months since Xinyi has finished the operation. Xinyi is a happy but timid baby, she is 1 year now. She looks like a boy,
because we had her hair shaved three days ago. And she begins to study speak, stand and walk. She likes moving in the car here and there, she
knows that is freedom. When she opens the little mouth and calls me “mum, mum”, I feel so happy! And I can see the sunshine coming into my house,
there is not darkness any more, and you are a dazzling bunch among the sunlight.

Israel is the place where one that is full of human natures and care about makes people unforgettable. At SACH, there is a beautiful house,
quiet and tidy; children often pick the nuts under the tree in the yard…

Doctors and nurses are so good that they not only give the baby the second life, but also give confidence and help to

Please say hello to Dr.Timir, Dr.Sasson, Dr.Houri, Dr.Gilad, Dr.Anola and all the staff in the department. I never forgot the life in the hospital, I
love them, I hope the baby can say hello to them herself someday.


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Meja, Zanzibar

Meja Ali Mohammed, Zanzibar

My name is Meja. I was born on 31 of December, 1998. I come from Zanzibar and I am so glad to be here in Israel for the second time and for getting operation of the heart. I am also glad to get the opportunity for learning computer and now I know how to use the computer, such as to check emails, to listen to music and to watch movies.

In the computer also I know how to open and to close and I know about Microsoft word just a little.
In Israel I had relationship between me and other people such as doctors, nurses, volunteer and also other people from different countries; some of them from Angola, Kenya, Moldova and others.

I would like say thanks to Save a Child’s Heart for saving my life and care for children from different countries. Also I will not forget my teacher, Guy, who teach me computer. I don’t have computer at home but I have an email now and this is my email:

Bye bye

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Moises, father of Margarida, Angola

August 2010

Dear All,

My Profound Thanks

I, Moisés Alfredo Martins, worker of Service Center Department as an Assistant Administrative.

I hereby would like to thank God for unconditional support and help from you all, and saying that my daughter Margarida Miriam Veiga Martins after 2 months spent for her cardiac surgery particularly in Wolfson Medical Center Tel Aviv State in Israel now she is back home.

Now my daughter is in good health conditions, happier, and more beautiful after the surgery, if I wasn’t for God’s intervention and from you all in this situation I don’t know what it would be with my dear daughter. I am very happy because Foundation LR has changed many children lives in general, please follow her photo attached.

Thank you all,

My Best Regards,
Moisés Alfredo Martins

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Mother of Hiram, Congo


I tried to inform that Hiram is well, he plays everyday ,he eats good and more than we think.
He had today cofing and the doctor visited him everytime.

You can excuse me i m not good in English so Clarice is well too.

Clarice will begin to learn English, two hours a week. I will send his picture to you next time.

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Mother of Ion, Moldova


First of all I would like to express you the deepest gratitude for all that you have made, for your excellent work and care of us.

As you already saw on the photos, Ivan grows well, thank God! Feels well, well eats, and sleeps easily. Already runs on a court yard, playing everywhere, tells while only separate words, but I think soon and will start talking.

He loves books very much, in general develops as normal healthy kinder!

Once again big to all of you thanks! To all of you the deepest bow and greetings.

I will send new photos on a process of Ivan’s growth.
With the best regards!
Nadejda Tamciuc,

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Mother of Mame Esi, Ghana

September 2008

Esi is my first daughter. Prior to the surgery, Esi was not able to eat or play. She couldn’t even walk for a long time.

After the surgery, she could do everything! Things I couldn’t expect her to do, she could do.

I am very happy to watch Esi meet & play with the kids. It’s nice to travel & meet people from different countries and different cultures. Being with these people has made them my family.

The doctors & nurses were so helpful. Every time they see Esi they tell her how beautiful she is in their language & Esi just smiles.
The house is very nice; we had a lot of fun. We learned so much from everyone in the house. Now my English has improved and I can now talk to my daughter in English & she will respond.

I will never forget our time here, being in Israel. It is such a nice place. The people of Israel are nice & social & always saying hi.

I am happy now; my daughter has a new heart. Everything was successful. We are going home. Thank you to SACH for everything they have done for my daughter, for us! If it wasn’t for you, I don’t know what would happen to my daughter. Thank you for the miracle. Thanks for the nice hospitality. God bless them & strengthen them to continue doing good work.

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Mother of Xinqing Niu, China

Dear my friend,

I am Niu Xinqing’s mother in China. Niu Xinqing is very well.she has walked by herself. Annex is the photo of her walking. Some Simple words she would say, and will soon learn to speak.

Greetings Hello to everybody, thank you for your help.

Niu Xin Ching did a check last month, every is well.Keep in touch.

Best Regards,
Xinqing Niu’s Mother
Jingjie Guo

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Parents of Sarah, Trinidad & Tobago

May 2005

This is a thank you letter from the parents of Sarah, from Trinidad & Tobago. Sarah came to Israel with her mother through Save a Child’s Heart to undergo a life saving heart operation.

This is the letter Sarah’s mother sent to the Save a Child’s Heart office after returning home

To: All members of Save a Child’s Heart
from: Oram and Sarah

Thank you for giving Sarah a new life. Words cannot express my gratitude for all that you have done for us.

You will always be remembered in our hearts and our prays.

Love Always

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Petra's mother, Romania

HELLO LAURA,how are you/what are you doing?

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Rohas, Iraq

March 2006

My name is Rohas. I am a Kurdish from Iraqi Kurdistan.

I am three years old. From the birth I suffered with difficult heart disease, along my life my family worried about me and my health. My uncle sent the massage to all the organization that helps children…but no one answer his message.

Finally he found your address on the web and sent you a message and luckily you have a bigger heart that the worlds other organization.
And your love, kindness and help were greater than other organizations.

Therefore, from the heart you gave me I will say I love you. You are grater than I can express it by some words. I hope best health for you and your organization, development and peace to your country.

Rohas, Iraq

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Sanin, Palestinian Authority

I’m Khalid Yusuf Mardawi, father of 3 years old Senin from Hable, Palestinian Authority.

I would like to thank Dr. Akiva Tamir for his efforts and great work in treating my child. She had a heart defect in her heart and had a surgery in 10/7/2002, at the Wolfson Medical Center. Thank God she had got her health back and now she’s fine.

I also want to thank the doctors, nurses, technicians, administrative, and everyone at the Wolfson Medical Center who had helped in the process of the operation.

At the end, I would like to thank Save a Child’s Heart Organization and its director Simon Fisher for their help in getting my child into the hospital and saving her life.
Thank you all.

Khalid Mardawi-Senin’s father,

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Shevet Achim volunteer about Sharween, Iraq

This was written by Simcha, a volunteer of Shevet Achim.

Sharween was up and ready to go when I arrived this morning to take him and his mom to the hospital for his final evaluation. He sat on the porch with his buddy, waiting to embark on an adventure at the hospital. He had a smile on his face and was ready to face the day. Sharween has been such an encouragement to the other children and has helped to keep their spirits up during difficult times. He was at the hospital for his final echo, and was the first of the patients to be seen at the echo clinic. Sharween’s echo was clear with no fluid at all on his lungs. His heart function was great as the doctors wanted, even the nurses commented on how well he looked today.

Sharween was taken off all, but one of his medications. He was released and discharged to go home to Kurdistan by Dr. Riki Sokol, the pediatric resident at Wolfson. Sharween will go home on a very simple regimine of medications as well, as his condition was so improved by the surgery at Wolfson. His cardiac progress has been a continued encouragement. Sharween’s mom is glad that his fingers and lips are no longer blue, and that he is able to play without pain.

Aisha was so elated today at the opportunity to go home with a healthy son who is happy and looking forward to school in Kurdistan. His mom, Aisha was even attempting to use her newly acquired English vocabulary to express her joy and thanked us and the doctors at Wolfson. They all have enjoyed Sharween’s sweet nature and were there to congratulate him on a road finished and wished him a great journey home.

As Sharween travels back to Kurdistan, please pray for a safe return of Sharween and his mother! Please remember that all of you have been a part of his road to recovery! Miracles are a part of this child’s life and we thank Abba for his safe return of Sharween from death to life!

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Sorete, Ethiopia

My name is Sorete, I am 15 years old and I am from Jimma, Ethiopia. I have 4 brothers and I live with my Dad. I love learning English, drama, and doing arts and crafts. My life has been put on hold ever since I found out that I had a heart problem, over 10 years ago. The doctor in Ethiopia ordered me to stop going to school and instead told me to stay at home and rest.

I was very weak, tired and unable to do most things that another child my age would be able to do. Had I been left in Ethiopia, I would have been left to die. Now, thanks to Save a Child’s Heart, I look forward to returning home and going back to school and to start living a normal life.

I have been in Israel for four months now, and in 2 weeks, I will be returning home. I am excited to go home because I am ready to restart my life. I am looking forward to going back to school and to see my friends. Throughout the journey I was never scared. I tried to stay brave and strong. I was never scared about coming to Israel because I trusted the doctors in Israel to make me feel better.

It was easy to live in the SACH home, because my nurse spoke the same language as me, and therefore I felt safe. For me, it was reassuring to live with other children from around the world who have similar heart problems as me because I knew that I was not alone in my struggle. As the oldest child in the house, I made sure to tell the other children not to be scared because I knew that we are all in good hands and that in the end, everything will work out fine. I was never afraid of coming here, because I knew that SACH would make me healthier.

My bravery comes from inside, but also from the encouragement of the doctors, volunteers and staff at Save a Child’s Heart. I like the volunteers and I am grateful for their friendship and support. They are open and when I speak with them, I feel at home. I feel comfortable here. When everything in my life felt like it was falling apart, SACH came and picked me back up again. Had it not been for SACH, my life would not be back to normal. Lately, I haven’t been able to stop smiling. I feel good, and I am regaining my strength.

There are not enough words to express my gratitude for everyone at Save a Child’s Heart for truly giving me a second chance at life. God bless you for all the work that you do. I pray for other children to have the opportunity and privilege to come to SACH to get treated and to go home happy and healthy.

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Tamaru Akele Admase, Ethiopia

June 20th 2010

We were sent picture of Tamaru at the end of the school year ceremony at the St Yared School in Addis run by Jacqui Gilmore, Hope for Children (Australia), and directed by Yared Wolde a former SACH Child who is also a foster family to Tamaru.

Tamaru will also sit for entrance exams to one of the most prestigious school in Addis Ababa. He is bright, prepared for the exams and his school has high hopes that he will be accepted.

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Xinyi's mother, China

Hi Sheila,

We are happy to tell you that Xinyi has been in kindergarden for one year. Everybody loves her deeply, and she enjoies herself there with so many teachers and kids.

She is not shy anymore. Everyday when she’s leaving her kindregarden, she invites her friends coming to my house to have a big dinner, showing herself hospitablely. I dare say that when you come here, she will be very excited to talk with you, saying her “Tomas and his friends” and other fairy tales. She is a good girl, no matter past, now, or future.

Since I read stories for her everyday, I become a story teller now, and she loves my stories very much. I even write some stories of ours to the magazine, and we are happy to see the publications.

Now Xinyi is five years old, and she already has 500 books! We feel happiness when reading those books together, and anywhere.

P.S: My friend help me ,so the letter is better than before.Is’t it?

Yours May, China

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Yocabed's mother, Ethiopia

October 13th 2008

How are you & your family generaly save children heart emploies?

We are fine thank you. We miss Azur & Wolfison hospital tretment. Especially Dr.tamir ,Dr.alona, Dr,cat…generaly all cadriatic neurses.
We say thanks, and Yocabed she is ok! Now she is a student.

Thank you for all of you & lora.
your’s yocabed&mama yocabed.

August 16th 2010

hi sheila how are you? and your family. we are fine thanks.shela i am mama yocbed from ethiopia. be fore last year she make surjury in wolfson at i want thanks all pediatric nurses Dr. and all save the children employes,to you,bururu,baba lemon and she came and surve every friday.generaly thanks god,thanks ethiopian & Israel government.pleas transfer my meesage to all.

August 18th 2010

All employees how are you and your families? we are all fine. i am Mama Yocabed. she is very fine and fantastic student. and she is very healthy ,strong & happy. Thanks to god, Israel & Ethiopia. before last year we are in Azur. i will pass a good time and confertable condition. thank you for all.

your’s yocabed & her family.

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