The Legacy Heritage Children’s Home of Save a Child’s Heart is a welcoming and nurturing home environment for children and mothers from a wide variety of ethnic backgrounds, different religions and a multitude of languages from around the world.

Located in close proximity to the Wolfson Medical Center, this is a home away from home for the children while they undergo examinations, surgery, and recovery. The children arrive in groups of 4 – 8, and are accompanied by a nurse or escort from their home country. If the child is under the age of four years, a parent will accompany their child. A child’s average stay at the home is three months, during which time care is provided by Laura Kafif, the Save a Child’s Heart housemother, as well as a team of Israeli and international volunteers.


The house was recently built to provide with the required space for the growing number of children participating in the program, and it was perfectly tailored for the program’s needs; it is 900 square meters, almost 3 times the size of the 350 sqm property previously used as the children’s home in Azur.


The residence can house up to 60 children, escorts, volunteers and physicians. It also has a 5-bedroom physicians’ wing, for the numerous physicians and medical personnel from developing countries who train at the Wolfson Medical Center under the SACH program. The Save a Child’s Heart Children’s Home also hosts thousands of international students and youth each year who visit the children’s home to learn first hand about Israel’s humanity.

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