When children first arrive in Israel through the Save a Child's Heart program, they are admitted to the Wolfson Medical Center. They initially undergo an updated echo-cardiography examination, and throughout their stay in Israel, the children are continuously monitored by Save a Child’s Heart 's cardiologists, until their return home.

The Wolfson Medical Center also hosts a cardiology clinic every Tuesday for children from the
Palestinian Authority. These children are referred to the Save a Child’s Heart program by a dozen cardiologists from throughout Gaza and the West Bank. The children arriving at this clinic are there for examination and evaluation and, pre and post operative care.

The cardiology clinic is held with the cooperation of Shevet Achim, a Christian organization based in Jerusalem. They assist in the coordination of the children’s arrival with the Palestinian and Israeli Authorities, and also arrange the transportation of the children to and from the clinic. This clinic is also part of The Heart of the Matter Project that brings together Palestinians and Israelis by providing cardiac care to Palestinian children and outreach training programs for physicians from the Palestinian Authority. Since 1995, more than 5,000 Palestinian children have been examined at the weekly cardiology clinic. For us, mending hearts and building bridges go hand in hand.

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