Save a Child’s Heart Legacy Heritge Children’s Home

16 Haviva Reik Street, 5849538 Holon, Israel

From Ben Gurion airport, take the train to Tel Aviv, Hahagana station. Once you exit the station, go left towards the central bus station until you arrive at the bus stop for the #89 bus stop. This bus will take you close to the children’s home in Holon. The stop is Kiryat Sharet, Holon. From there it’s walking distance to 16 Haviva Reik Street.

A taxi cab should be no more than 120 nis from Ben Gurion airport to the children’s house. The address to tell the driver is 16 Haviva Reik Street, HOLON (be sure to specify that it’s in Holon because a number of cities have this street name), and make sure that he puts on the meter.

You will arrive to a large, new, white building that is surrounded by a gate and has brown shutters.

We recommend printing out a google map before heading to the house, especially if taking public transit. Haviva Reik is a small street and not known by everyone.

Directions to Wolfson Medical Center from Tel Aviv

Take Dan bus route 3, 6, 7, 19, or 41 to the Wolfson Medical Center

Take Egged bus route 84 to the Wolfson Medical Center


The entrance to the Wolfson Medical Center (WMC) is through a mall/shopping centre. Buses and taxis stop at the mall entrance to the hospital. To get to Wolfson Medical Center’s information desk, walk through the mall and the outside area, until you reach the hospital lobby. The information desk will be in this lobby on your left-hand side.

Directions from the Wolfson Medical Center to the Children’s Home

Take bus 4 or 5 and get off at Moshe Sharet St.

Directions to the Children’s Home from Tel-Aviv Central Bus Station / Dizingof St. / Alenby St.

Take bus 172 or 89 from Tel Aviv and get off at Moshe Sharet St.

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